Japanese 日本語Nihongo is an East Asian language spoken by about 125 million speakers, primarily in Japan, where it is the national language. Japanese has no genetic relationship with Chinese, but it makes extensive use of Chinese characters.

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Our course levels are completely designed according to JLPT.

Levels Proficiency Linguistic Component
N1 Advanced

One is able to understand complex writings on a variety of topics. They can follow and understand conversations coherently.

N2 Upper-Intermediate

One is able to understand and communicate extensively everyday situations. Also, they can follow the essential points of certain topics.

N3 Intermediate

One can understand specific contents regarding everyday situations by grasping the difficult writings or conversations to some extent.

N4 Elementary

One is able to read, understand and follow familiar topics concerning daily life situations. One understands basic Japanese.

N5 Basic

One is able to understand familiar expressions and phrases. If spoken slowly, one can follow simple conversations.

Koshika offers training for basic level (N5& N4), intermediate level (N3 & N2) and advanced level (N1). Upon completion of these levels, you can easily communicate with native people and lead your day to day life without any hassles. These certificates make your CV strong also increases your employment opportunity in India and abroad.



 [N5 level] :

Total sessions: 50 (45 sessions for language learning + 5 sessions for exam preparation)

[N4 level] :

Total sessions: 75 (70 sessions for language learning + 5 sessions for exam preparation)

[N3 level] :

Total sessions: 125 (120 sessions for language learning + 5 sessions for exam preparation)


[N2 level] :

Total sessions: 200 (195 sessions for language learning + 5 sessions for exam preparation)

[N1 level] :

Total sessions: 250 (240 sessions for language learning + 10 sessions for exam preparation)



Mode of Class

1.     Classroom mode: In this mode,all the sessions will beconducted in our specialized Wi-Fi enabled classrooms with qualified and experienced trainers. This facility is available in various centers in Lucknow only. Different time slots available between 7.00 AM to 9.00 PM every day.

2.     Online mode: Koshika’s virtual classes are conducted via online “LIVE” mode through internet with real time experience. We have collaborated with WizIQ to provide their excellent online platform to conduct online “LIVE” classes. In LIVE classes, students can see the teacher through a web cam. They can raise hand to ask a question, make comments, and interact with teacher and other class members using a headset & microphone. These are user friendly virtual classrooms, enabling teacher and students to interact in real-time. By chatting, seeing, hearing, and talking to each other, as well as sharing Koshika's learning materials, all participants will enjoy an interactive and personalized learning experience.


Our online courses run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round! With us you can learn whenever you want to, for as long as you want, without disturbing your daily routine. Unlike conventional classes on-site, our on-line courses offer you the highest flexibility for planning your weekly lessons as it suits you best: early in the morning, during lunch break, late in the evening or on weekends. By attending courses straight from your computer at home, at the office, or at your favorite cafe you save the time and money you would spend on commuting to and from teaching locations.


International Exams


A person, who wishes to travel to Japan with the perspective of a job, travel or business trip, should know the minimum level of Spanish.There are number of Japanese language proficiency tests organized by government of Japan time to time. Some popular tests are as follows.

JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is conducted by the Japan Foundation and Japan Educational Exchanges and Services to evaluate the proficiency of non-native speakers. It is an international Japanese exam carried out on a large scale worldwide.

The Japan Foundation administers this test along with the local institutions of the respective countries other than Japan.
To maintain the relevancy of this international certification, the Japan Foundation updates the exam pattern from time to time. Formerly, this examination had four levels:- N1, N2, N3, N4.
A new level N5 was added in 2010 to make the distribution of syllabus more accurate and appropriate. The current level of N4 and N5 corresponds to the old level of 3 and 4 respectively. The current N3 level bridges the gap between the old 2 and 3 levels.

Koshikaprovides expert guidance for above international examination.


Why Japanese ?


1 Opportunity

The presence of Japan in world economy cannot be undermined. Knowledge of Japanese language opens the door for opportunities in the business world. Also, there are a lot of job opportunities in various technological fields.

2 Studying in Japan

Japan is not only sophisticated when it comes to technology, but also concerning the education system. The education system in Japan is one of the main reasons why the Japanese people are very bright and hard-working.

3 Increase in Foreign Investment

Japanese investment in foreign countries has inflated over time. Also, the Japanese have significant holdings in the companies of United States. This increases the influence of the language as well.

4 Travelling in Japan

If you know the language, travelling around Japan becomes a smooth ride. Usage of English is quite minimal in Japan. So, even the basic knowledge of Japanese will make travelling in Japan much easier.

5 Second language for neighboring countries

The use of Japanese language for communication is not limited to Japan alone. It is a natural second language in countries like China, Korea, etc.

6 Popular culture

Most of the people have always been fascinated by the Japanese culture. It is considered to be a gateway for other Asian cultures; yet, it remains unique and distinguished from others. The intellectual wealth of this rich and vast culture is recognized worldwide.


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